Rhinoceros Auklet

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Rhinoceros Auklet Cerorhinca monocerata

Common. Their breeding sites are confirmed on Teuri-to, Daikoku-jima, Moyururi-to, Yururi-to, Tomoshiri-jima, Habomaimoshiri-to, Matsumae-kojima (above islands are in Hokkaido), Benten-jima (Aomori), Tsubaki-jima (Iwate, extinct now), Ashi-jima (Miyagi) etc. 

They can be seen at off Hokkaido and north of Honshu throughout the year, many of them go towards the South to at off central of Honshu (the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan) in the winter. They are rarely seen at the Inland Sea and off Kyushu Region.

Fig.1. Adult breeding.
Fig. 2. Adult breeding.
Fig. 3. Adult breeding.
Fig. 4. Adult breeding birds.
Fig. 5. Adult breeding birds.
Fig. 6. Adult breeding birds.
Fig. 7. 1st-year.
Fig. 8. Subadult?
Fig. 9. 1st-year?
Fig. 10. Juvenile?