Spectacled Guillemot

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Common. Endemic. Their breeding sites are confirmed on Teuri-to, Shiretoko Peninsula, Yururi-to, Moyururi-to, Daikoku-jima, Kiritappu, Shakotan Peninsula, Matsumae-kojima (above areas are in Hokkaido) and Benten-jima (Aomori). 

Their populations has decreased in recent years.
Many birds are seen at off Hokkaido and a few birds are seen at off the north of central Honshu in the winter. At off the east region of Hokkaido, they are rarely found from mid or late August (a fledgling period) to late October or early November.

Fig. 1. non-breeding.
Fig. 2. non-breeding.
Fig. 3. molting.
Fig. 4. molting. Same bird as Fig. 3.
Fig. 5. molting.
Fig. 6. molting and non-breeding (behind).
Fig. 7. Off Iwate Pref. 26 June 2021.
Fig. 8. Off Iwate Pref. 26 June 2021.