Sep. 11, 2016 Sydney pelagic

We joined Sydney pelagic ( by SOSSA Inc. ).

We planed the pelagic trip at Sep. 10th at first, but it was delayed until 11th because of bad sea condition.
The Wether and sea condition were very good on the day.
We departed from Rose Bay around 7:00 am.

In the shore, Fluttering and Hutton’s Shearwater fluttered !! But their ID are difficult for me …. As soon as we on the open water, we could see a large number of Wedge-tailed shearwaters. Moreover, they are all dark phase !! ( In Japan, dark phase is rare except around Okinawa. ) After that, our boat was stopped and the chumming session was started. Black-browed Albatross, Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross and Buller’s Albatross were coming near the boat. They have vivid and beautiful colorful colors ! Wandering Albatross ( gibson ) came from the distance and landed close to the boat. We were moved !! The Albatross is large, long, heavy-built, cool and cute 🙂 White-faced Storm-petrel and Willson’s Storm-petrel were coming near the boat too. Storm-petrels were dancing on the surface of water around the boat ! ( There are several cases that Willson’s Storm-petrels are observed in the pacific side of Japan.) We encountered a Giant Petrel and a Brown Skua on our way back to Rose Bay. It was a wonderful bonus. I love Giant Petrel very much and I feel very happy 🙂 !!

For details of this pelagic trip, please see below web site.
(11 September 2016 Report by Sydney Pelagics & Nature Watching Tours)