Tokyo—Volcano Is.

Sep. 8-13, 2017 Iwo-to (Volcano Islands) Cruise

Day 1 : Tokyo – Off Hachijo-jima (Izu Islands)
We departed Tokyo (Takeshiba Terminal) at 11:00 am and arrived at off Hachijo-jima at 8:50 am
Weather : cloudy, sunny and sometimes rainy
Temperature : around 15℃
Wind speed : around 3 m/s

Day 2 : At sea – Chichi-jima(Ogasawara Islands)
When we waked up, we were at off Muko-jima, Bonin Islands (800km from Tokyo).
Weather : Sunny, hot and humid !
Temperature : 25-29 ℃
Wind speed : around 2m/s

Day 3 : At sea – Volcano Islands – Chichi-jima
When we waked up, we were at off Minami-ioto (Volcano Islands).
Weather : Sunny!
Temperature : 27-30℃
Wind speed : around 1m/s

Day 4 : Chichi-jima ~ Haha-jima (an Optional)
We departed Chichi-jima (Port Futami) at 7:30am and arrived at Haha-jima (Port Oki) at 9:40am
Weather : Sunny!
Temperature : around 30℃
Wind speed : 2-6m/s

Day 5 : Haha-jima – Chichi-jima – Off Muko-jima
We departed Haha-jima (Port Oki) at 10:30am and arrived at Chichi-jima (Port Futami) at 12:40am.
And we departed Chichi-jima at 15:30pm
Weather : Sunny
Temperature : around 29℃
Wind speed : 1-3m/s

Day 6 : At sea (off Aoga-shima) – Tokyo
When we waked up, we were at off Hachijo-jima (Izu Islands). We arrived at Tokyo at 15:30pm.
Weather : Cloudy and sometimes rainy
Temperature : around 27℃
Wind speed : 3-4m/s

It was a wonderful voyage!!
We encountered a lot of wonderful seabirds. The endemic species (Bonin Petrel, Bannerman’s Shearwater) and several rare species could be observed. We could observed Tropicbirds, White tern and Black Noddy that can be seen only around Iwo-to Islands. At Iwo-to, we looked the tragedy of war, and I prayed for the future in deepest sympathy.

Bird List

  • Red-tailed Tropicbird (Day3: A few birds were seen around the Minami Iwo-to.)
  • White-tailed Tropicbird (Day3: A few birds were seen around the Kita Iwo-to.)
  • Japanese Wood Pigeon Columba janthina nitens(Day4: A total of 3 birds were seen at Haha-jima. This species is endemic and endangered subspecies in Ogasawara Islands and Volcano Islands.)
  • Laysan Albatross (Day1: 1 bird at off Izu Islands)
  • White-necked Petrel (Day2: Only 1 bird was seen at off Muko-jima.) 
  • Providence Petrel (Day6: 1 bird at off Hagijo-jima)
  • Kermadec Petrel (Day2: 1 dark morph bird at off Muko-jima, Day6: 1 light morph bird at off Hachijo-jima)
  • Bonin Petrel (Day3: about 10 bird were seen throughout a day)
  • Streaked Shearwater (Day 1 and Day 6 : many birds were seen)  
  • Wedge-tailed Shearwater (Day 2 – 5 : many birds were seen, Day 6 :1 bird were seen) 
  • Bannerman’s Shearwater (Day 2 : 1 bird were seen, Day 5 : 1 bird were seen ; about a individual of Day2, the face was looked whitish (suggestive of Bryan’s Shearwater) but the wings were long and body was solid. So it seemed to be Bannerman’s Shearwater.) 
  • Bulwer’s Petrel (Day 1- 6: many birds were seen)
  • Red-footed Booby (Day 3: from at off Minami-iwo-to to Iwo-to several dozens birds were seen. It was the largest number around Minami-iwo-to.)
  • Brown Booby (Day 2-5: many birds were seen. At Haha-jima a Brown Booby was hunting in the port.)
  • Great Cormorant (Day 1: at Tokyo Bay)
  • Great Egret  (Day 1: at Tokyo Bay)
  • Pacific Golden Plover (Day 2: about 10 birds were seen at Chichi-jima. They are regular member at Chichi-jima)
  • Whimbrel ? (Day 3: bird flying over the sea was seen. We can’t see.)
  • Ruddy Turnstone  (Day 2: about 10 birds were seen at Chichi-jima. They are regular member at Chichi-jima)
  • Red-necked Stint (Day 4: 1 bird was seen on the beach of Hahajima)
  • Long-toed Stint (Day 4: 1 bird was seen on the grass ground of Haha-jima.) 
  • Ruff (Day 4: 1 bird was seen on the grass ground of Haha-jima.) 
  • Red-necked Phalarope (Day 1: at off Izu Islands)
  • Phalarope sp. (Day 1: at off Izu Islands)
  • Brown Noddy
  • Black Noddy
  • White Tern
  • Black-tailed Gull
  • Sooty Tern
  • Common Tern
  • Pomarine Skua
  • Long-tailed Jaeger
  • Common Buzzard Buteo buteo toyoshimai
  • Common Kestrel
  • Japanese Bush Warbler
  • Eastern Crowned Warbler
  • Bonin Honeyeater
  • Japanese White-eye
  • Scaly Thrush
  • Blue Rock Thrush
  • Yellow Wagtail
  • Orientai Greenfinch Chlorine sinica kittlitzi

Tokyo—Izu Is.

Aug. 3, 2017 Tokyo—Hachijo-jima (Izu Is)

We on boarded the Tachibana-Maru (Tokai Kisen Co.).

The outward journey:Aug. 2-3
We departed Tokyo (Takeshiba Terminal) at 22:30 pm and arrived at Hachijo-jima at 8:50 am (Next day).

The homeward journey:Aug. 3
We departed Hachijo-jima at 9:20 am (Early departure because of bad sea condition) and arrived at Tokyo (Takeshiba Terminal) at 19:40 pm.
Weather : cloudy
Temperature : around 25 ℃
Wind speed : around 5-6 m/s

Typhoon No.5 had appeared in the south of Japan. We expected that coming rare seabirds by the typhoon. However, the course of the typhoon was not ideal…we couldn’t see rare birds. The significant result was that Bryan’s Shearwater was observed at off Hachijo-jima ! And we felt happy that there was a flock of Storm-petrels !

Bird list

  • Black-footed Albatross 6
  • Laysan Albatross 12
  • Providence Petrel 3
  • Bonin Petrel 9
  • Streaked Shearwater +++
  • Flesh-footed Shearwater 1
  • Bryan’s Shearwater 1
  • Bulwer’s Petrel 32
  • Swinhoe’s Storm-petrel 50±
  • Leach’s Storm-petrel 10±
  • Brown Booby 3
  • Japanese Cormorant