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Northern Fulmar Fulmarus glacialis

Common around Hokkaido and E Honshu. Also common Sea of Japan of N Honshu. Population increase summer to autumn. Most birds are ‘dark morph’, and ‘Light morph’ is less than 10%.
We try morph categories by Flood & Fisher (2016), and described in caption.

Fig. 1. Morph ‘D’.
Fig. 2. Morph ‘DDD’ or worn ‘DD’.
Fig. 3. Morph ‘DD’ or worn ‘DDD’.
Fig. 4. Morph ‘DD’.
Fig. 5. Morph ‘D’.
Fig. 6. Morph ‘D’
Fig. 7. Juvenile. Morph ‘D’. Off Shiriyazaki, Aomori Pref. Oct 19 2019.
Fig. 8. Very worn bird. Morph presumed ‘DD’. Off Miyako, Iwate Pref. Jul 23 2020.
Fig. 9. Morph ‘D’? Whitish head but breast is bluish-gray.
Fig. 10. Morph ‘LL’.
Fig. 11. Morph ‘LL’.
Fig. 12. Morph ‘LL’
Fig. 13. Morph ‘LL’?
Fig. 14. Morph ‘LLL’.
Fig. 15. Morph ‘D’. Black bill expect for the tip looks like Atlantic Fulmar, but this bird has dark tail band (not seen in photo).
Fig. 16. Morph ‘D’. Same bird as Fig. 15.
Fig. 17. Morph ‘D’
Fig. 18. Morph ‘D’
Fig. 19. Attract around the ship. Morph ‘D’ to ‘DD’.
Fig. 20. Attract around the ship. Morph ‘D’ to ‘DD’.
Fig. 21. Flock with Streaked Shearwater.
Fig. 22. Flock.