Singapore straits

Sep 15, 2013 Singapore straits Pelagic Trip

Wave height : 1.0-1.5m
Wind condition : 2-8m (from west-northwest)

Swinhoe’s Storm-petrel is one of my most favorite seabirds! Therefore I had planned pelagic trip while getting Mr. Con’s cooperation, because I keen want to see ‘migration of Swinhoe’s Storm-petrel’ by all means.
As a result, I could observe 75 Swinhoe’s Storm-petrels! They migrated in Singapore Strait towards the Indian Ocean which is non-breeding habitats. There was usually alone or two-three individuals. Aleutian Tern was seen regularly here and observed 30 individuals this time. I’m very glad to see ‘non-breeding plumage’ which was poorly known recently.
Thank you Mr. Con!


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